Aloha! Welcome to Body Compass Massage – where health and wellness is a journey. Let’s navigate it together. My name is Emily and I am your Licensed Massage Therapist and Biomagnetism practitioner and…

This is my journey.

I was born and raised in the City of Brotherly Love where my parents met after the Vietnam War. They were refugees or “Boat People” that escaped across the Pacific Ocean in pursuits of the American Dream. With the success of their food truck business, they were able to provide a quality education for my brother and me. I attended the University of Pennsylvania where I studied Communications, and pursued a career in Marketing. At the time, I was struggling with gastrointestinal issues, where I was misdiagnosed and prescribed lots of medication. After seeing several doctors, I realized there was only one person truly responsible for my body - me. I made drastic lifestyle and dietary changes with amazing results that led me on my own journey - guided by my own compass - across the Pacific Ocean to pursue my dreams. As a Licensed Massage Therapist and Biomagnetic practitioner, I practice with the awareness that I too must embody compassion – whether it’s through a healthy diet, meditation, massage, biomagnetism, or quality time with nature – to empower you on your journey of health and wellness. (Gotta practice what you preach!) Mahalo nui loa for this opportunity to be your guide. 


I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and am committed to providing the best care to meet your needs. I attended the Island Spirit School of Massage in 2015. My knowledge, training, and integration of Medical, Myofascial Release, Swedish, Lomilomi, Thai, and Deep Tissue Massage, and Reiki make for unique sessions that are both therapeutic, nurturing, and yet fluid with the body’s natural guidance. 


After personally experiencing the benefits of Biomagnetism, I flew all the way to New York and became a certified Biomagnetism practitioner in May 2016. I find that Biomagnetism is a holistic and complementary approach to maintaining and establishing good health, which I am excited to share with you.     


My parent’s success is not only attributed to their food, but their quality service, my dad's hard work ethic, my mother’s amiable personality and her uncanny ability to remember every person’s order every time - all of which I admire and hope to emulate. As a therapist and practitioner, I see the value in developing personable, professional relationships with you through active listening and good communication. 


As my practice grows, so does all the new information out there. I am dedicated to continuing my education in holistic healing as a complementary form of preventative care and well-being. With your support, I can continue learning and providing the best care to meet your needs. This year I’ve completed a course in Anatomy Trains in Myofascial Release with Tom Myers and Biomagnetism I with Dr. David Goiz. In September, I look forward to taking more courses this year. Also, with the opportunity to work as a part-time substitute teacher, I am able to encourage younger generations to empower themselves through education.

mahalo nui loa

Mahalo nui loa for reading, for your support, and the opportunity to guide you on your journey of health and wellness. To my family and friends, thank you for being my inspiration, for your unconditional love and support, and for helping me make this happen. Mahalo nui loa for the ‘aina that nourishes us on the Big Island of Hawai'i and the community that nurtures it.  Mahalo nui loa ke Akua.