Biomagnetism Scan


The Biomagnetism Scan is a holistic and complementary technique used to restore your body's pH balance by placing natural neodymium magnets on specific parts of the body using Applied Kinesiology. It is believed that pH imbalances may trigger poor health conditions in the body. 

The BMP scan uses your body's natural ability to heal in order to boost your immune system, normalize body functions, and detoxify the body.

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The Biomagnetism Scan was discovered by Mexican scientist Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran more than 26 years ago. Dr. Goiz discovered over 200 Biomagnetic Pairs with resonances associated with negatively charged bacteria & parasites (alkaline environment) and positively charged fungi & viruses (acidic environment). By placing the passive magnets on the specifically discovered Biomagnetic Pair placements, it balances the dysfunctional bioelectrical charges from the microorganisms to normalize the cells, tissues, organs and systems. 

Dr. Goiz has successfully treated more than 350,000 patients with Biomagnetism and has trained more Medical doctors and other health therapists from many different countries. Because of this discovery, he's received multiple awards for his findings. For more information on Dr. Isaac Goiz or Biomagnetism, click here. 

Note: These therapies do not substitute for a Medical doctor. Alternative therapies are natural and can be used as a complement to other therapies.


  • Do not drink caffeine 2 hours before session.
  • Wear comfortable clothes without metals or studs.
  • Ensure that after the appointment, you are able to relax. You may feel sleepy after the session.
  • It is recommended that clients have 3-5 sessions to benefit from the results. 
  • Note: This treatment is not recommended for the following: 1) pregnant or trying to get pregnant 2) has a pacemaker or electronic device in the body 3) has received chemotherapy or radiotherapy